Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Internet Browsing for Opera Mini at Globe

Last July, Smart had updated their servers resulting to the blocking of tricks that we used for free internet browsing in Opera Mini. That was really disappointing for subscribers of this service provider. I had been on Smart since I got a cellphone but now, I just shifted to Globe, Smart's biggest rival, for free internet.

Setting up a free browsing in Globe is so easy. All you need to do is to go to settings, configurations, personal configurations, and create a new access point with the APN of (This is of MyGlobe Inet.) Activate it from options and you are just one before free browsing.

The next thing to do, and actually the last step is to launch your Opera Mini app and change its custom server. This is if your Opera Mini has a server editor. If it does not grant server customizing, then download Opera Mini Multi Operator here, where the download id is 322960. Use the default browser of your mobile phone for this. Now, assuming you had successfully downloaded the application. As you open the application, text boxes will be on your sight. Change the server to this:

Press OK and it will install. It will be successful and that's it. You have a free internet browsing using Opera Mini on your Globe sim. Enjoy browsing!

P.S. And I am still looking for a working trick to use for Smart but of no luck. I will keep trying and trying. Ill update you when Smart brings back free internet browsing in Opera Mini.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Opera mini is a free application software providing fast browsing on mobile phones.more details...
On your N3110c, it is possible to benefit on opera mini. I am posting here steps in how to have internet in a Nokia 3110c using Opera Mini 4 versions if your service provider is Smart Telecommunications. I tell you that this post is best for BEGINNERS, which in discovering the capabilities of your phone.
a.) Nokia 3110c phone
b.) Smart Sim Card with at least 2 peso load
1.)Insert any Smart sim card on your Nokia 3110c. Notice that when you go to MENU-SETTINGS-CONFIGURATIONS-DEFAULT CONFIGURATIONS, you can already see a Smart setting which is set as default. Your PREFERRED ACCESS POINT is SmartInternet. Just insert your sim and you have already your smart settings unlike in other phones which is needing some requests from SMART TELECOM for settings. In Nokia 3110c, it is already configured.
2.) Go to MENU-WEB-SETTINGS-CONFIGURATION SETTINGS and you will Smart on your CONFIGURATION and ACCOUNT there. I ensure you that you do not need to download any settings anymore for your phone to work.
3.) Now, you need to activate your GPRS and MMS. Text MMS ON to 3401, and GPRS on to 3401. It will reply shortly about the activation of the service. Do not worry for it is free of charge. If you had done it before, please skip this. I recommend this one, that you restart your phone after receiving activation for it to take effect.
4.) Go to MENU-SETTINGS-CONNECTIVITY-PACKET DATA-PACKET DATA CONNECTION and choose ALWAYS ONLINE. After that, a letter G (GPRS) should appear above your screen.
5.) You can now browse the net by going to MENU-WEB-GO TO ADDRESS and keying in the url of the site but there is a charge in browsing outside the wap site of smart. Our goal for now is to download Opera Mini and we will be needing this default browser to download Opera Mini.
6.) Now go to this address: (mouse pointer here and copy the link that you see on your status bar below your browser. Download Opera Mini and put it to anywhere you want. This modded version of Opera mini 4.2 surely works. When the download is successful, exit first. Then, go to where you put Opera Mini.
7.) Open Opera mini and change the operator to CUSTOM 1. Then change the Custom server to
8.) Press OK. Opera Mini Installing...Please allow network access. Just wait as it is installing. After that you will see a page, Press ACCEPT. You will proceed to the homepage of Opera mini. You can change the settings by going to MENU-TOOLS-SETTINGS to customize your browsing experience.
9.) You are finished! Now, you can enjoy surfing the internet with Opera Mini.

For more tutorials, check out my page here. I can make your Nokia 3110c become powerful as ever for you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This post specifically discusses on how to make the download link appear when downloading files with download timers, by the use of opera mini 4 versions. Such websites are,, etc.
Hi there, I had my nokia 3310classic equipped with opera mini 4.2. The browsing is free and incredibly fast, and I started downloading files for it from internet. One time, I attempted downloading mp3s in I proceeded and took sight of the page with download timers. It says "download link will appear in 1 0 seconds". So, what to do now is to make the download link appear.
What i did are the following: *when you are on the page that has download timer on it, on your opera mini, go to MENU, then ENTER ADDRESS, then press fire or OK. This is to produce a 'Refresh/reload effecT' that will eventually result to the appearance of the link. By doing so, the page will reload and download timer to move down to 9 seconds. TAKE NOTE that reloading it by going to MENU,TOOLS, then RELOAD wont be effective and will end up to nothing.
* everytime you reload, it will cause the download timer to drop by 1 second. Although it will sound timely and tiresome, you will be glad to find the link at the end of the timer. In a 10sec-timer, you'll be needing 9 reloads using my procedures...
*ACTUALLY, you'll need to be more tricky. You can choose NOT to wait for the first reload to be finished for you to reload it again. When you reload and operamini is connecting, you can --cancel the reload after about 3 seconds and do the reload again (using my procedures aforementioned). Then cancel and reload and all over again. For example, RELOAD-CANCEL-RELOAD-CANCEL-RELOAD-CANCEL-RELOAD-CANCEL-RELOAD. With this you had already made 5 reloads instantly, causing the timer to move down to 4 seconds remaining. REMEMBER to provide about 3 seconds gap between the reload and cancel, for this to take effect.
*After several not-so-serious efforts of doing the pattern, you will finally see the download link! Click it, and download your file!
* In, there is a 30second-timer, so you'll need to exert more effort on it.
* By the way, if you have a UCweb browser, you don't need to do this. I can tell you a much easier way to make the link appear using your UCweb!